Extra Long Sparkle Cords
Fierce Sparkle Rhinestones

Extra Long Sparkle Cords

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Exquisite and Bright AB Rhinestone replacement string for shoes, hoodies  Perfect for festivals, parades, and photoshoots.  

Note: Daily use of rhinestone cords in roller skates may cause excessive loss of rhinestones due to rubbing against tongue and fabric of skate. 

1pair with eyelets
Approx 70 inches each ( Great for high top boots, high top rollerskates, XL hoodies and sweatpants)

Strings can be cut to preference. Apply aglet tips with glue, allow to dry before use

 Note: Bling Strings are not made by Fierce Sparkle. They are glass rhinestones glued onto fabric cord in a factory. Cord may have an odor and may exhibit imperfections due to delicate nature. Take care when inserting cords into shoes or clothing as the stones can rub off. Strings are delicate yet worth ittt! 

Do not wash or dry cords, excessive dirt/mud can ruin cords